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Virgo Hoodie

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Sometimes you need someone to put you in your place, even though you hate this with a burning passion you understand its necessary… A motto you go by is to be prepared even if it kills you, if you have a dream a purpose but you suffer from a focus problem which can unmotivate you and distract you quite often! Your mind never has an off switch you are the worst of overthinkers both a blessing and a curse but lately its more of a curse. Known for being Trustworthy and honest people often find themselves sharing their deepest secrets with you because they feel you won't go talking shit behind their backs.  Your mood changes like crazy its the little shit that bothers you the worst! You may not say anything right away but your eyes betray your secrets... Your looks will give it away every single time. Noticing everything choosing whether or not you speak on it is a separate matter. You are relentlessly hard on yourself for absolutely no reason at all even if it's for the simplest of shit.. Opening the doors past our comfort you will let people in, but one mistake, one lie, or even the smallest sense of disloyalty the doors will shut. A curse you suffer from is you are very forgiving but never forgetful and sometimes your left the wrong people back into your life. The worst thing for everyone else is you seeing your true potential because once you do you leave everyone else who wronged you behind... Remember you are forgiving but....NEVER forgetful. You are Powerful! You are a Virgo!

50% Cotton 50% Polyester
Medium-heavy fabric (8.0 oz/yd² (271.25 g/m²))
Classic fit
Tear away label
Runs true to size